About Us

Big Blue Productions was borne out of a dream to open Africa to the world. To show people the places they have never seen, pictures they could only imagine and tell stories that have not been told.

Over the past 20 years we have become leaders in the field of travel television. Our cult series Going Nowhere Slowly and numerous other award winning documentaries have fulfilled this vision and expanded our audiences to an international market.

Through our love of great pictures we have designed and directed television commercials for some of our countries most loved brands. This love, coupled with our unique story telling ability has been the inspiration for the birth of our subsidiary company, Cheap Flicks, under which we produced our first independent film, Once Upon a Road Trip.

At Big Blue we are committed to delivering only the highest quality products to all our clients. We strive to create and add value to any project no matter the size, or budget. We are a small creative team, offering each of our clients 100% of our attention. We believe in original ideas and that locally inspired projects have a place in the global market.